Vengeance Level III+ Rifle Shield

THE VENGEANCE LEVEL III+ hard armor ballistic shield is an ambidextrous weapon mount design in threat level III & LEVEL III+ rifle protection.  This Shield provides optimized coverage area, speed to sight acquisition and superior balance.

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  • Flat Panel Ambidextrous Weapon Mount
  • Straight Bar Handle
  • Custom Molded Foam Armpad
  • Heavy Duty Forearm Strap
  • 100% Composite Ballistic Construction
  • NIJ 0108.01 Rated III
  • Special Threat III+
  • Durable Black Polyurea Coating


Vengeance III+ Spec Sheet

Threat Testing

7.62×51, 149gr. M80 FMJ – 0108.01
7.62×39, 123gr. PS Ball Mild Steel Core
5.56×45, 55gr. M193 Ball
5.56×45, 62gr. Federal Tactical Bonded


Custom ID Placard (shown)
600 Lumen Auxiliary Lighting
Carry Bag

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