Bomb Disposal Blanket

A “must have” for technicians engaged in rendering safe or performing controlled detonations of explosive devices. Designed in partnership with the Los Angeles Police Department EOD Section for helping to control IEDs and bombs. Our Bomb blanket’s exclusive stitch pattern allows the blanket to be shapeable and self-tenting to facilitate controlling direction or diverting blast pressure and fragmentation from pipe bombs, IEDs, and other explosive devices and compounds.

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  • Designed to fold into a compact package for ease of storage.
  • Meant to be used in controlling the blast and fragmentation from diffusing IEDs, bombs and explosive compounds.
  • Large loops on all sides for ease of use and consistent deployment.
  • Tough DuPont™ CORDURA® cover to resist wear and tear.
  • Intrinsically safe no metal snaps, zippers, or parts to spark, frag, or fail.
  • Used by agencies throughout the world.
  • Measures 48” x 48” (custom sizes available)


Bomb Blanket Spec Sheet

Threat Testing

Fragmentation: 1476.38 fps/450 mps


Aluminum stand (black powder coated or natural) available to convert your Bomb Disposal Blanket into a “fixed“ position portable shield.

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