Ballistic Blankets

One of the most flexible tools an operator can have at their disposal. This blanket can be used to evacuate civilians from a dangerous “active shooter” scenario, to protect and cover a fallen officer while back-up arrives, or used to armor any area where the operator needs additional protection; the only limitation is the operator’s imagination/situation. Our blankets can also be used in industrial applications where protection is needed from possible machinery failure.

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  • Built-in channels that can be stiffened using pre-cut PVC pipes to deploy the blanket as a static, horizontal shield
  • Hand loops placed around the perimeter of the blanket to enable a variety of suspension and facilitate use as an emergency litter
  • Tough DuPont™ Cordura® cover to resist wear and tear
  • Intrinsically safe no metal snaps, zippers, or parts to spark, frag, or fail
  • Measures 72” x 48” (custom sizes available)


Ballistic Blankets Spec Sheet


Threat Testing

Ballistic Levels

Threat Level:                      Ballistic Level II                     Ballistic Level IIIA

Ballistic Model:                           1216M                                        3316

Thickness:                               .22 Inches                                .23 Inches

Areal Density:                           20.5 lbs                                       35 lbs

Part Number:                        F-5802-1216                           F-5802-3316

Sizes:                                              Standard Size: 48″ x 72″ – ** Custom Sizes Are Available **

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