Tank Ballistic Helmet

The Tank helmet is Extreme lightweight. it’s cut-down design with ear sections removed reduces weight and allows maximum audio acuity. It’s Designed to accommodate advanced communication and hearing protection equipment.

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  • Military Standard 662F
  • Adjustable strapping
  • Interior shock absorption system
  • Ergonomically fit
  • Optimal ambient hearing
  • Communication device & Ballistic
  • Collar friendly



Tank Spec Sheet

Sizes & Weights

Threat Testing

Remington 9mm 124gr FMJ
PMC 44 Mag 240gr SWCGC
Remington 44 Mag 240gr SJHP
Ruag 9mm 124gr FMJ Steel DM41
Speer 357 Sig 125gr TMJ
17gr FSP V-50

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