Crowd Control / Riot Helmet

The XT Tactical Riot Helmet is a lightweight and super tough protective helmet for military and law enforcement. Whether its crowd, riot, or corrections control, the high density thermo composite shell combined with the Lexan® polycarbonate face shield provides full head and face protection against almost all non-ballistic threats, such as chemicals, rocks, bottles and other projectiles.

FACE SHIELD – Helmet is supplied with a 6 1/2″ full-flip polycarbonate face shield .150″ thick with a clear optical grade finish. The liquid seal is molded TPE material, black and semi-rigid. The liquid seal is affixed to prevent passage of liquids from the helmet dome or face shield into the inner shield surface when the shield is in the deployed position.

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  • Super Comfort Control for extended duty operations liner is made of energy absorbing expanded polystyrene (EPS) in all impact areas
  • Quick release harness-retention system
  • Removable neck protector
  • Lexan® polycarbonate tactical face shield with liquid seal
  • Accepts most gas masks
  • Shell edge is finished with a tough molded trim
  • Scratch resistant finish



Riot Spec Sheet

Threat Testing

Meets N.I.J. Riot and Crash standards
Meets or exceeds:
NIJ 0104.02 (riot)
NIJ 0105.01 (crash)
DOT FMVSS-218 (impact retention only)

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