Tactical Correctional Vest G2

The Tactical Correctional Vest is a versatile Cell Entry/Cell Extraction system that has the unique feature of an external detachable yoke that provides additional anti-stab and blunt weapon impact protection from a variety of weapons to the neck and shoulder area. This vest is very popular for use in cell extraction and inmate crowd control environments.

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  • Side Opening Style Designed to Offer High Mobility with Balanced Coverage
  • Front/Back 10”x 12” Rifle Plate Pockets
  • Front/Back and Side Protection
  • Drag Bar for Rescue Operations (300 lb. capacity)
  • Extended Side Flaps for Overlapping Coverage
  • Permanent Spike Protection Collar


Tactical Correctional Spec Sheet


Available with all U.S. Armor Ballistics and Stab Packages


  • TB3 Titanium Blade 3/Spike 2 Trauma Plates (8” x 10”, 10” x 12”)
  • Steel Trauma Plates (8” x 10”, 10” x 12”)
  • Removable Groin Protector
  • Removable Shoulders
  • Removable Throat Protector
  • Tactical Carry Bag


The Tactical Corrections Vest G2 comes standard in the following sizes:
• Small – Chest Size 34” to 36”
Fits Plate: 8”x 10”
• Medium – Chest Size 38” to 40”
Fits Plate: 8”x 10”
• Large / X-Large – Chest Size 42” to 48”
Fits Plate: 10”x 12”
• 2 XL / 3 XL – Chest Size 49” to 58”
Fits Plates: 10”x 12”

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