MSTV G2 – Mission Specific Tactical Vest

The MSTV G2 is the ultimate outer enhancement to the conventional concealable armor that the first responder is already wearing under their uniform. It achieves the elusive balance between the competing demands of adequate protection and increased mobility through customizable configurations. In addition, the MSTV G2 offers a fully modular tactical armor package, where each ballistic panel is removable ensuring complete flexibility for the operator, based on ever-changing situational demands. Front, rear and side plate pockets allow additional protection.

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  • Removable Dedicated Side and Over-The-Shoulder Armor Panels
  • Front/Rear Internal Rifle Plate Pockets with Built-in Height Adjustment
  • High Mobility Tactical Cut for Ease of Operator Movement
  • Rear 300 lb (136 kg) Wrap-Around Drag Handle Rescue Strap
  • Integrated M4/AR15 (30) Round Mag Pouches in Front Cummerbund Flap
  • Front and Rear VELCRO® Identification Pads and Built-in Mic Tabs
  • Built-in Side Plate Pockets
  • Easily Adjustable Shoulder System for Comfort.


MSTV Spec Sheet


  • Available with all of our Ballistic Packages.
  • Can be used with our Ballistic Plate Backers.


  • Rifle Plates
  • Tactical Carry Bag
  • I.D. Patches
  • Accessory MOLLE pouches

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