ERPC G2 – Extended Rifle Plate Carrier

Designed to be worn in conjunction with an officer’s concealable soft body armor in a first responder situation or extended deployment. The ERPC G2 can be worn over top of the officer’s soft body armor protection in order to provide a higher level of protection in the event of an active shooter situation or when responding into a high threat environment. The ERPC G2 can be fitted with full size NIJ Certified IIIA Ballistic panels (front/back and sides) creating a “Stand Alone” IIIA tactical vest platform to build upon. The ERPC G2 can also be fitted with Threat Level IIIA Ballistic inserts that also provide “stand alone” IIIA ballistic protection level or additional protection when used behind a Rifle Plate.

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  • Front/Rear Rifle Plate Pockets
  • Left/right 6” x 6” Side Plate Pockets
  • MOLLE Webbing System on all Front/Rear/Side Surfaces for Attaching Additional Pockets & Pouches
  • VELCRO® ID Pads and Built in Mic Tabs
  • Strategically Placed Padding for Better Weight Distribution and Comfort During Extended Operations
  • Full Wrap-Around Drag Bar
  • Integral Dual M4/AR15 Mag Pouches Located in Front Panel Cummerbund
  • Integral Side Pockets for Enhanced Armor Protection Plates.


ERPC Spec Sheet


Can be used with our Ballistic Plate Backers


  • Rifle Plates
  • Tactical Carry Bag
  • I.D. Patches
  • Accessory MOLLE pouches

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