Enforcer 6000-M1 Series Model 6316M1 - Level IIIA

The Enforcer 6000-M1 is an advanced technological design combining DSM Dyneema’s force multiplier technology, with Twaron and Kevlar woven ballistic materials.
The end result is a lighter, more flexible vest that still satisfies the strict performance requirements of the NIJ 0101.06 Standard.

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  • NIJ 0101.06 Certified
  • New 357 sig V50 @ 1841 fps
  • New 44 mag V50 @ 1698 fps
  • Average BFS 357 Sig – 31.36mm
  • Average BFS 44 Mag – 39.77mm
  • Wt. per Sq. Ft. – 14.72 oz. – .92 lbs
  • Thinness .25 inches
  • DSM Dyneema Force Multiplier, Woven Kevlar Aramid, & woven Twaron Aramid
  • Brookwood Balloon covering

Special Threat Testing

All Special Threat Testing Is Conducted At A NIJ Approved Independent Test Laboratory Unless Otherwise Noted

  • Pending

Spec Sheet


6316M1 Spec Sheet


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