Enforcer XLT Female Model XLT3AF – Level IIIA (NIJ .05)

The Enforcer XLT was originally developed for the U.S. Border Patrol who required Threat Level IIIA armor that still enabled them to perform their duties while working long hours in extreme heat. Finally, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for dependable protection with enhanced heat management. Comfort is the difference. Kevlar® Comfort XLT is a proven ballistic technology from DuPont. The state-of-the-art weave and spinning technique allows this version of Kevlar to be more comfortable, flexible and lighter yet still deliver the same ballistic performance and stopping power as previous, heavier blends of DuPont Kevlar.

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  • NIJ 0101.05
  • New 9mm V50 @ 1705 fps
  • Average BFS 9mm – 27.2 mm
  • Average BFS 44 Mag – 40.2 mm
  • Wt. per Sq. Ft. – 16.27 oz. – 1.01 lbs
  • Thinness .188 inches
  • Woven kevlar & Goldflex



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