D30 Trust Nimbus Pad System

Stay focused on the mission with the D3O® TRUST Halo™ helmet pad system.  D3O® TRUST Halo™ is not only the world’s lightest and most comfortable helmet pad system, it also outperforms rival Team Wendy Epic Air across all conditions and shell sizes of the 10fps ACH standard, thanks to D3O’s latest smart materials.

The system comes with a customizable comfort liner featuring MILSPEC anti-bacterial fabrics, a self-conforming crown pad for headset integration and 2 sizes to fit all size (S to XL), aramid and PE shells alike. If the US Army can trust D3O, you can too.

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The crown pad has been designed with a permanent headset band recess and strategically placed flex grooves to allow the pad to conform to the headset when used.

This ensures the user can use the same liner configuration for each scenario, without needing to remove or carry additional pads.

It also reduces the chance of the user losing the crown pad because it is always within the helmet.

Impact protection performance is maintained even when using a comms system.


D30 Trust Nimbus Spec Sheet

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