U.S. Armor Corporation is an American-made body armor manufacturer. We specialize in ballistic and stab-resistant body armor for Law Enforcement, SWAT Teams, Sheriffs, Correctional Officers, Military, International Agencies, Private Security and much more. We make it thinner, lighter and more flexible using only the latest in ballistic fiber technology from Honeywell® and DuPont™ because we know that a comfortable vest is a vest that you’ll wear. U.S. Armor…you’ll wear it™.

Enforcer XP
A NIJ .06, certified concealment vest developed using state of the art fabric for the maximum in performance.

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Operator-Driven design makes this our most popular tactical model. It is currently in use by tactical teams around the world.

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A MOLLE based Rifle plate carrier that is quick to don, highly adjustable, and mission configurable.

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Everything you need in a rifle plate carrier and nothing you don’t.

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US Armor’s MSTV achieves the elusive balance between the competing demands of adequate protection and increased mobility, through customizable configurations.

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Ballistic Blanket
The most underused piece of ballistic armor available to military and law enforcement today.

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