Spike Level 3 Vest

Anti-Stab protection for correctional and custodial environments where ballistic threats are not an issue.  Spike level 3 protection you can trust for improvised stab weapons in jail, prison, or other custodial environments.  U.S. Armor’s Concealable Correctional series offers protection from NIJ 0115.00 spike threats in Level 3. our vest has been optimized for maximum performance, while maintaining the thinnest, lightest and most flexible package possible, maximizing the user mobility and comfort.

Model CR2-21
Spike Protection Level 3

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  • Spike Threat Level 3
  • Areal Density: 10.4 oz per/sq/ft – .65 lbs per/sq/ft
  • Thickness: .19 inches
  • Vest Construction: DuPont Kevlar


Spike 3 Spec Sheet


  • 6” x 8” Additional trauma plate inserts.
  • Uniform Shirt Carrier.
  • Concealable carry bags (Nylon).
  •  All U.S. Armor outer carriers.

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