Ranger 100 G3

The U.S. Armor Ranger tactical outer carrier turns concealable body armor into high visibility ballistic protection for detectives, plainclothes officers and first responders. The Ranger tactical outer carrier is the most universal piece of equipment an officer can own in this post-9/11 environment.

Front and rear external plate pockets that allow the ability to add rifle plates when an incident occurs requiring fast “armoring up”.  The front plate pocket also has a 6”x8” trauma plate pocket than not only allows the wearing of a trauma plate, but also gives you a pocket to secure your patrol camera magnet.

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  • Front 6”x8” and 8”x10” externally accessible plate pockets.
  • Rear 8”x10” externally accessible plate pocket.
  • Blank outer surface cover, no pockets or pouches
  • Waist cummerbund
  • Accepts all U.S. Armor concealable ballistic panels
  • Mic holders
  • Badge holder
  • Front/back loop for I.D. Patches



Ranger 100 G3 Spec Sheet


Accepts all U.S. Armor concealable ballistic panels


  • Threat Level II, or IIIA ballistic panels
  • Adjustable Shoulders
  • Rifle Plates
  • I.D. Patches
  • Tactical Carry Bag

Sizing & Customization


The Ranger 100 G3 Carrier is sized to fit your new or existing U.S. Armor concealable ballistic panels. When you purchase one of our carriers for your non U.S. Armor ballistic panels, we will make your new carrier to fit your existing panels based on measurements and ballistic panel tracings you provide for an additional fee. However we cannot guarantee the proper fit and proper positioning of the ballistic panels, since all manufactures have differences in their patterns and suspension systems. Our 60 day Fit Guarantee will not apply and any further modifications to your carrier will require an alteration fee.


Any Design variations from the standard Ranger 100 G3 carrier will require a nominal change of design fee. On orders for over 25 units this fee may be waved based on the amount of customization. Please note customization work will extend delivery time.

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