BSII+2 Multi Threat Vest (NIJ .05)

Both ballistic and anti-stab protection is available in the same package, a more expansive range of protection in concealable armor. Very popular for those working in a Custody Environment that also do prisoner transports outside their facilities.

Ballistic Level II – NIJ 0101.05
Spike Protection Level 2

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  • HVC Carrier with or without Shirt tails.
  • Soft trauma plate insert.
  • Removable, washable panel carrier in male and female size options.
  • “Easy Access” closure system for simplified panel access.


BSII+2 Spec Sheet


  • Steel, AP handgun Threat, or ridged IIIA Trauma plate.
  • Concealable carry bag (Nylon).
  • All U.S. Armor External Carriers

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