U.S. Armor Corporation is an American-made body armor manufacturer. We specialize in ballistic and stab-resistant body armor for Law Enforcement, SWAT Teams, Sheriffs, Correctional Officers, Military, International Agencies, Private Security and much more. We make it thinner, lighter and more flexible using only the latest in ballistic fiber technology from Honeywell® and DuPont™ because we know that a comfortable vest is a vest that you’ll wear. U.S. Armor…you’ll wear it™.

Enforcer 6000
Thinner, lighter and more flexible than any other NIJ 0101.06 vest on the market. LESS THAN < 1 lb. per sq. ft.!

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Female Armor
Bust Cups formed into the ballistic panels themselves for unmatched fit, comfort and support to the FEMALE OFFICER.

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COOLS DOWN when the officer is HOT. WARMS UP when the officer is COLD. Certified Space Technology, available to you now!

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Copper Carriers
Odor control, improved hygiene, and relief from ‘Prickly Heat’ and other heat/moisture-related skin disorders. (Only available at U.S. ARMOR)

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Rifle Plates
When soft armor is not enough, quickly armor up with any of these advanced rifle plate options. LEVEL III & Level IV!

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Sniper Biocide
Decontaminates HIV, Ebola, Hep C, Staph! Safe to use on skin/pets/fabric and neutralizes the effects of OC Spray. Is there anything that Sniper cannot do?

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